A&S Management Call Center

Our Value:

At A&S Management Call Center, we take the worry out of lending. We remove the frustration of staff and keep you focused on making money.

We partner with start-ups and established lenders to provide loan generations, underwriting, verification, customer service, renewal, retention and collections until charge off. All at a fixed cost per funded loan.

Our staff is experienced in the industry (RTO, Payday, Short Term Installment or any other Small Dollar Model). We work with single state, state-by-state, as well as tribal lending models.

We are your lending solution.

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Loan Generation

With a Cost Per Fund model, you can easily grow and stay with in your budget at your own pace.


Our Proprietary underwriting is unrivaled in the small dollar loan industry. We back it up!

Our Guarantee

We do not collect a payment from you until you receive a payment from your customer!

Unfair Advantage

Give your business an unfair advantage. Utilize our resources, expertise and Cost Per Fund Formula.


A&S Management Call Center is devoted to the online lending industry. We are your partner.

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Let us help you concentrate on the most important part of your business – Growth!

Opening Hours

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