A&S Management Call Center

Our Value:

At A&S Management Call Center, we take the worry out of lending. We remove the frustration of staff and keep you focused on making money.

We partner with start-ups and established lenders to provide loan generations, underwriting, verification, customer service, renewal, retention and collections until charge off. All at a fixed cost per funded loan.

Our staff is experienced in the industry (RTO, Payday, Short Term Installment or any other Small Dollar Model). We work with single state, state-by-state, as well as tribal lending models.

We are your lending solution.

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Loan Generation

With a Cost Per Fund model, you can easily grow and stay with in your budget at your own pace. We supply the lead and underwriting at a fixed cost.


Our Proprietary underwriting is unrivaled in the small dollar loan industry. We back it up!

Our Guarantee

We maintain a First Payment Default Guarantee that does not exist anywhere else in lending.

Unfair Advantage

Give your business an unfair advantage. Utilize our resources, expertise and Cost Per Fund Formula.


A&S Management Call Center is devoted to the online lending industry. We are your partner.

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Let us help you concentrate on the most important part of your business – Growth!

Opening Hours

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